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Protect the future of your business from an accidental data loss.

Only 0.02€ per GBwill save your financial investments, remove headache and ensure success of your project.




What to do next?

So, you are interested in our proposal. What should be your next steps?

To enable "FTP Storage service", follow these four steps:

  • Choose the plan that suits you most

  • To order, fill in short registration form

  • Get your login and password for your storage, and upload your data

  • Now you can be sure that your data are reliably protected

In what cases should I create backups?

There are much more real threats than can be described.

But for your convenience, we divided the possible cases into four groups:

  • Attackers "wish you well"

    Ill-wishers used the vulnerability in your website to add malicious code to all pages and corrupted the database. Instead of a complex “treatment”, you can restore the initial state of your project in two clicks.

  • Hardware failure

    Server or drive has failed. Engineers report that it will take up to 2 hours to recover the information. But the website is the basis of your income, and every hour of downtime results in financial losses. But there is no need to wait — just recover your website from backup.

  • Force majeure

    Imagine, you are using services of a freelancer, but failed to agree on payment terms. The freelancer blackmails you by removing information and restricting access to your website. You do not have to worry since you have a copy of all your data.

  • Failures when experimenting with the system

    Another year passes by and your programmer insists on updating PHP to version X. But something goes wrong during the update and your website does not work. While the programmer fixes technical problems, you can simply restore the working version of your website.

  • Save your money

    Block compression and deduplication reduce storage costs up to 20 times compared to uncompressed backups.

  • Save your time

    Backups are easily created, scheduled and managed using our control panel or API. Downloading files and restoring backups takes just a few minutes.

  • Personal data protection

    When working with backups via our control panel, your connection is protected with an enterprise level SSL encryption. In addition to that, we use only new RAID 10 drives, which guarantees maximum data security.


  • Speed and reliability

    All data are sent over our high-bandwidth network and stored on four drives installed in a server with redundant power supply.

  • Custom schedules

    You control when and how often each backup is performed, as well as how long the files are stored. Create custom schedules that suit you best.