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We guarantee protection from all known DDoS attacks (L2-L7) for our VDS / VPS servers!

If your server and / or website is susceptible to a DDoS attack - it doesn’t matter, rent our VDS / VPS with protection, we will provide you with free configuration assistance and within a few minutes you can forget forever about any DDoS attacks.

from € 5.63 per month


Why are DDoS attacks dangerous?

  • Your service is not available to users.

  • Visitors go to competitors

  • As a result, you lose money

  • And lose your reputation.

How is a DDoS attack working?

The chances of becoming the target of a DDoS attack are very high, and there are many such attempts. The goal of a DDoS attack is to make a server, service or infrastructure inaccessible by overloading the server bandwidth or monopolizing its resources, until it is completely depleted.
During a DDoS attack, a large number of requests are simultaneously sent from a large number of points from all over the Internet. The intensity of such "crossfire" makes the service provided unstable, or even worse, inaccessible.


Goals and types of attacks

There are three ways to make your site, server or infrastructure unavailable:

  • Overload network bandwidth of the server, making it unavailable.

  • Exhaust system resources of the machine, making it impossible to respond to legitimate requests.

  • Exploit a software vulnerability to gain control of the machine or limiting access to it.

How servers are protected

To protect servers and services from attacks we offer a VAC-based solution, a unique combination of methods for:

  • High-speed analysis of all packets in real-time.

  • Incoming server traffic filtering.

  • Mitigation of negative consequences by blocking all illegitimate IP packets.


Order a server with DDoS protection right now and forget about any attacks forever!

Server with real-time protection against DDoS attacks

The power of a DDoS attack does not matter: we only take into account the "clean" traffic that the real users of your project generate.

Price: from € 5.63 per month

choose a server with protection

Our advantages:

  1. We protect against attacks at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th level OSI - 100% of all known attacks.

  2. We provide protection from DDoS attacks only for our servers.

  3. We protect the entire server: all your projects and services will be safe.

  4. Server activation with protection is performed automatically, regardless of the time of day and takes less than one minute.

  1. Daily billing per server.

  2. If something doesn’t suit you, we will return all unused funds.

  3. We will transfer and configure your website services absolutely free, as quickly as possible and in priority order. Support works 24/7.

  4. We consider only "clean" traffic - that is, the real users of your services.
    We do not consider malicious traffic - the value of a DDoS attack does not affect the cost of protection. *

* Calculation order: 1 Mbps. Incoming channel speed is already included in the server price. For example, on August 2, during the day, your server used an incoming speed of 4 Mbps. On August 3, the amount for 3 Mbit / s will be deducted from the balance (3.5 $ / month divided by 30 days / month, multiplied by 3 Mbit / s = $ 0.35).

Features of protection against DDoS attacks at ZOMRO.NET

  • We consider only "pure" traffic

    We do not take into account malicious bots - only real visitors are taken into account.

  • Preventing all popular DDoS attacks

    Protecting against threats at the transport, network and application / site level.

  • Quickly and at any time enable protection

    We will quickly activate the server and immediately provide free help with setting it up.